In 1995 our first TFC Supermarkets (Turkish Food Centre) branded supermarket has been opened in Edmonton. Gradually our product range was increased when we realised that our customers wanted to buy products from other countries in our supermarkets. Currently, we provide a wide number of food and non-food products from Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Arabic, Iranian, Bulgaria, Polish, Kosovo, Albania, Portugal, Austria, Bosnia and Romania.

While growing up and opening new branches regularly the service philosophy of our TFC Supermarkets remains the same, that is providing personal service to each customer, similar to the service the small shopkeepers used to provide, in a modern setting.

At all of our TFC Supermarkets we have in-store bakery in every supermarket. We bake traditional Turkish, Cypriot and Iranian bread, Turkish pastries, savouries and sweets all day seven days a week. All purchases are packed by our shop-assistants to customers’ requirements.

All meat and poultry are purchased fresh on daily basis. We carefully select our suppliers to ensure for providing most quality meat products.Our staff work in the most hygienic conditions preparing and offering meat, poultry and offer to our customers according to their requirements.

Also we offer olives, cheese and pickles from Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Morocco, Arabic countries, Iran and all other mediterranean countries (especially imported for our TFC Supermarkets), as pre-packed or weigh-out in our delicatessen section. Olives mixed with herbs and spices to satisfy different tastes of our customers and pickles prepared by our staff are available from our delicatessen counters.

Fruit and vegetables section is one of our most prominent sections in our supermarkets. In addition to daily imported fruit and vegetables from Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Arabic countries, Iran and from other mediterranean countries, we have tropical fruit and vegetables and an extensive range of produce from different parts of the world.

In grocery section we stock a full range of well known known brands from Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, IranArab countries, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria and other mediterranean countries including pulses, spices, nuts and snacks.

Mr Kemal UCUR